NvMediaIEP default VBV buffer size and initial delay

Software Version: DRIVE Software 10

The documentation for NvMediaEncodeRCParams::vbvBufferSize and NvMediaEncodeRCParams::vbvInitialDelay mention that they can be set 0 for default values to be used.
What are the default values used if I set them to 0?

Hi @raul.tambre,

Are you asking about H.265? If yes, the default vbvBufferSize is set based on H265 level (as per Table A‑10‑1 – General tier and level limits from h265 standard.) set from app and vbvInitialDelay is set as Max ( 90% VBV Size, Min(VBVSize, bitrate)).

Thanks for the detailed answer! Yes, I was interested in H265. Ought to have mentioned in the original post.
Might be worth adding this to the documentation in the future.

Always thanks for your feedback! We will try to improve our documentation.