NvMediaIEPGetBitsEx() extradata parameter

NvMediaIEPGetBitsEx() documentation has an extradata parameter.
What structure am I supposed to pass a pointer of to it?

Furthermore, the documentation says:

When slice Level output is enabled, this function must be called repeatedly. until the output extradata field bEndOfFrame is not set to NVMEDIA_TRUE .

Grepping the SDK headers I can’t find any other references to bEndOfFrame.

hello raul.tambre,

We are checking internally for the structure of extradata parameter.

Meanwhile, if it unblocks you, you can pass a nullptr value as the extradata parameter - that is a legal value for that parameter. and in that case, the encoder will not use it to fill the extra data.

Hello @raul.tambre,
the parameter extradata is for internal purposes and you should pass NULL,
also, please refer to the sample applications that uses this api and base your code similarly to this, “img_enc/image_encoder.c:882” and “ipp_capture_encode/image_encoder/image_encoder.c:161” pass ‘NULL’ for this pointer.

this will be fixed for the future release.

thank you for pointing this out.


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