NvMediaImage::captureTimeStamp and captureGlobalTimeStamp equivalent in DriveOS 6

Software Version
DRIVE OS Linux and DriveWorks 5.14

Hardware Platform

Hi, we are in a migration process from DriveOS 5 to 6. In DriveOS 5 code we use captureTimeStamp and captureGlobalTimeStamp of NvMediaImage. As I see in DriveOS 5 captureGlobalTimeStamp is present in ImageMetaData too. But in DriveOS 6 it was removed even from ImageMetaData.

In the migration guide all you mention is that they were removed in Is there a way to get/calculate these timestamps somehow under DriveOS

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Dear @AdamBalazsVay,
SIPL populates frameCaptureStartTSC (Holds the TSC timestamp of the start of frame for capture.) and frameCaptureTSC (Holds the TSC timestamp of the end of frame for capture). Could you check using them?

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Dear @SivaRamaKrishnaNV,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, we have found those fields, but they are TSC timestamps, so they depend on the clock speed right? So the conversion to struct timespec is not straightforward. Could you please help us how we can convert them to struct timespec?

Hi @SivaRamaKrishnaNV,

Do you have any update on this? It blocks our transition to DriveOS 6, so any help would be highly appreciated.