NVMEoF Target Offload setup on Connect X

Hi All,

I am following the guide to setup NVMEof Target Offload.

Following the same steps executing the step.
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/subsystems/testsubsystem/attr_offload

I am getting an error permission denied. Running all commands in the root mode.

testsubsystem does not contain any file with name attr_offload. We also cannot create a new file in this directory since it is /sys/kernel which contains temporary files generated by Kernel.

Using the Ofed version 5.9 with --with-nvmf flags. Centos 8.3 version.

Any help regarding this would be helpful.

Umer Idrees

Able to resolve this issue by using the following flags while installing ofed.

sudo ./mlnxofedinstall --kmp --add-kernel-support --skip-repo --with-nvmf

The KMP flag can be used to compile the necessary kernel modules for the installed kernel version.

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Has your problem been solved?
I want to know, does bluefield support attr_offload offloading in NVMe-oF scenarios, and are there any special precautions?