NVML driver mismatch error on Nvidia GPU card

OS platform: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server edition.

Driver version 470.63.01

CUDA: 11.4

DeepStream 6.0


I’m facing the NVML driver version mismatch error on the T4 data centre card. As per the Deep stream 6.0 documentation, the recommended Driver version is 470.63.01 and CUDA 11.4. When I tried to install the DS6.0 with the same dependencies on T4 data centre card, I am facing the error. I removed the older versions of the drivers and rebooted the system again. But none of the solutions worked for me.

After that, I went through the Nvidia’s Data centre display driver documentation, I had noticed that only 470.103.01, 470.82.01 and 470.57.02 are listed as a part of R470 driver release notes. Later, I found that CUDA Version 11.4.3 deb file comes with 470.82.01. I installed the same CUDA 11.4.3 with 470.82.01 driver and after that the error did not persist.

As of now, the issue is resolved temporarily, but I need help on how to proceed with this issue. Do, I need to check and cross verify the documentation every time I install the CUDA with the Data centre driver documentation or am I missing something in the installation procedure itself?

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