Nvmsgconv - frame-interval not recognized if mode is NVDS_EVENT_MSG_META

  • dGPU
  • DS 6.4

My solution uses NVDS_EVENT_MSG_META, appends that to every frame. Hence the data rate is per-se 30 fps.

However, the config parameter frame-interval seems to have no effect. I thought it would throttle a bit, by e.g. dropping 9 of 10 frames with setting frame-interval=300, but it doesn’t.

Fires still at full rate.

The FPS on the output is determined by the encoder in your pipeline.
drop-frame-interval has effect on decoder and it drops some output frames. For your case, if you want to drop 9 of 10 frames, you can set it to 10, the decoder can output every 10th of the frames. The effect is the total frames is reduced, but the output fps is not changed.

No, you are at the wrong party.

I was talking about frame-interval for the nvmsgconv component Gst-nvmsgconv — DeepStream documentation 6.4 documentation

Anyway, not a big deal.

frame-interval is only valid in the mode " msg2p-newapi = true"

Yepp. No issue anymore. Dropped this

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