Nvoglv64.dll: infinite loop, presumably in WH_GETMESSAGE hook

We recently migrated our development to Win10 (which may or may not have anything to do with the observed problem) and started experiencing the following problem: from time to time the application hangs in the GetMessage call. Here is the stack trace of the message loop thread starting from the GetMessageA:

user32.dll!DispatchHookA(int,unsigned __int64,__int64,__int64 (*)(int,unsigned __int64,__int64))
user32.dll!fnHkINLPCWPSTRUCTA(struct tagWND *,unsigned int,unsigned __int64,__int64,unsigned __int64)

One processor core is completely busy with this thread and this call never returns. This behavior seems to be provoked by the function that preforms intensive calculations on the internal data model, with more often calls to Win32 API like SetWindowPos and ShowWindow than usually (because of the current implementation of the progress indicator); at the same time it does relatively small amount of GL related stuff (comparing to the other similar functions).
Any ideas for what can cause the problem?

Just in case, here is also excerpt from the NVidia System Information
Graphic card: Quadro K2200
Driver version: 452.57
Video BIOS Version: 82.07.7A.00.1C