Nvpmodel cannot set fan mode


I am using a Jetson Xavier NX module with Jetpack 5.0.1. After installing the 5.0.1 version of Jetpack, I cannot control the fan mode with nvpmodel anymore. Running nvpmodel -d cool only shows the help text. Temperature-based fan control still works though, since I hear the fan spinning up and down as I use the module.

Before flashing Jetpack 5.0.1, I was able to change the fan mode on the pre-installed Jetpack 4.6.

Module: Jetson Xavier NX 16Gb
Carrier board: reComputer J2012 by SeeedStudio
First line of nvpmodel --help: Nvidia Power Model Tool Version 1.1.4

If it makes any difference, the nvpmodel.conf file does not contain any FAN_MODE line.

How can I change the fan mode for my module? Do I need a different Nvpmodel version?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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In JP5, there may be a nvfancontrol service that manages fan:

sudo systemctl status nvfancontrol.service
cat /etc/nvfancontrol.conf
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Indeed, that service is active. The config file shows 2 modes (quiet and cool), and quiet is the default. Is there a command I can use to switch the fan mode?

Edit: I found the nvfancontrol command, but it looks like it only allows to query the current active fan mode.

Edit 2: the documentation (https://docs.nvidia.com/jetson/archives/r34.1/DeveloperGuide/text/SD/PlatformPowerAndPerformance/JetsonXavierNxSeriesAndJetsonAgxXavierSeries.html#nvfancontrol) only mentions querying the current mode and setting the default mode. Maybe what I am looking for is not possible? This would be surprising though since this seems like an important feature, and one that was already present in previous versions.

You may try editing the .conf file, such as trying to set cool as default, and restart service. Not sure I can say much more, but probably someone knows more about this and may share.

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I’ll try this later, for now my module is busy on some lengthy work. I’d rather not change this setting and restart the service while it’s working, I know there isn’t too much risk but I’m still scared of losing the current progress.

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