Nvpmodel issue on xavier nx in Yocto

nvpmodel -m 0 results in

Error opening /sys/devices/platform/13e10000.host1x/158100

failed to write PARAM SE1: ARG MAX_FREQ: PATH: /sys/devices/platform/13e10000.host1x/15810000.se/acm/clk_cap/se VAL: 47360000000.se/acm/clk_cap/se: 2

Yocto Branch: Kirkstone

Any help much appreciated

Hi patrick.regnouf,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Xavier NX?
Whats’ your Jetpack version in use?

We are using(supporting) L4T rather than Yocto on Jetson device.
Is it the issue specific to the yocto?

We are using a custom board, as far as I know the issue seems to be specific to Kirkstone branch of yocto as I did not have that problem when working with Dunfell branch

Jetson Linux release: R35.4.1
JetPack release: 5.1.2

Yocto branch: Kirkstone

We do not maintain Yocto build, you may need to consult with Yocto community or our vendor - Ridgerun to get the support.

This is an nvpmodel issue, would just pointing me in the rigt direction be more useful?

in other words, what do you think is the driver responsible to create that path (the one that nvpmodel cannot find …) would be a go investigation starting point.

Thank you


This is not how things work here…

For example, from your log, I can only ask you to check whether this node exists there or not.


If this is not there, then please check with Yocto community… It could be their build modifies something…

We really don’t know what change they made on their side.

Fully understood, however I am still wondering what driver is responsible to create that path as it does not exist on that board, I think knowing that would be a very good starting point



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