nvprof 9.1 for tesla k20c


I want to profile my code with nvprof. It refuses to profile the code and prints out the following message.

======== Warning: This version of nvprof doesn’t support the underlying device, GPU profiling skipped

The gpu I’m using right now is a Tesla K20c. The driver version 390.25. The nvcc version is 9.1.85.

Is the card too old to be profiled? Should I downgrade the driver and cuda?


K20c should be supported by CUDA 9.1

I use CUDA 9.1 regularly with K20m devices.

Are there any other GPUs in that system?

Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, I do have a very old Quadro 600 running for the monitors.

Is there a way to tell nvprof to profile just on Tesla?

You could try experimenting with CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES e.g.


This solves the problem. Thanks a lot!

Where do we have to put CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=“0” ?