nvprof cannot find GTX 970 metrics


I am using cuda 6.5.14 in an Arch Linux installation and nvprof can’t find any metrics in maxwell gtx 970. GTX 660 Ti metrics aree found with no problems. Is this a known issue?


Use cuda 6.5.19, the update was provided when GTX 980/970 were released:


NOTE: GeForce GTX980 or GTX970 developers, please download CUDA 6.5 Toolkits with support for your GPU here.

Go to that page, click where it says “here”, i.e. here:


AFAIK Arch Linux is not an officially supported distro for CUDA

Thanks, I was not aware a specific version was provided for the GTX 970. I used the Arch build system to generate a 6.5.19 package and uninstalled the one from the repository. GPU metrics are found now.