nvprof dependency analysis failed

Hi, all

I was trying to use the dependency analysis feature of nvprof 8 to profile the training of resnet. However I got this error:

==29563== Dependency Analysis:
==29563== Analysis progress: 0%==29563==
==29563== Error: The dependency analysis failed with an error: Streams for non-CDP activities must have prior stream record.

Any idea how to solve this?


Hi, serailhydra

CUDA 9.0.176 is released.
Can you have a try to check if this still exist ?

If still reproduced, can you tell the details about how to reproduce ?

  1. CUDA version/GPU/Driver version/OS
  2. application you use
  3. command line to reproduce

Hi, veraj. I tried CUDA 9.0.176 and the problem still occurs.

I think this is app specific.

So can you share a minimum app that can reproduce the issue ?
If not, please tell me how to set up your app on my side.