nvprof does not print power information

hi there,

So I tried to use nvprof to get some power information from my gpu and when the result came out no power information was provided. So after that i tried to use nvidia-smi to see if I could query for power information and apparently my gpu does not support that. Then I tried changing drivers (I am using an Ubuntu 16.04, tried the following driver versions: 396, 390 and 384) and nothing changed.

So I want to know if it is a problem of my gpu (gtx860m), or if i am doing something wrong. I am also using cuda 9.2.

thanks on advance

Hi, flaviommrs

You can use nvprof with --system-profiling on, then you’ll get Power details.

So I used --system-profiling on the first time, the only other option that I used alongside that was --unified-memory-profiling off which was necessary, otherwise nvprof would not work.

Then have you got power info now ?

Unfortunately it does not print the power information. Sorry for not making that clear on the last answer.