nvprof. How to increase the sampling interval ?

I monitor the program by:

nvprof --pc-sampling-period 31 --print-gpu-trace --events rocache_subp0_gld_warp_count_64b --replay-mode application --export-profile application.prof python abc.py

The sampling interval is 31 cycles.Because the max sampling is [b]31.

Specify PC Sampling period in cycles, at which the sampling records will be dumped. Allowed values for the period are integers between 5 to 31 both inclusive. This will set the sampling period to (2^period) cycles Note: Only available for GM20X+ https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/profiler-users-guide/index.html#nvprof-command-line-options-cuda

The 31 cycles sampling interval is too small. I want to increase the sampling interval. Such as I want to increase the sampling interval to 1s or 100ms. How to increase it ?


31 means 2^31 cycles not 31 cycles.
Do this still too small for you ?