NvReleaseFd in gstdsexample.cpp

In DS 1.5 we see NvReleaseFd in gstdsexample.cpp.

In DS 3.0 NvReleaseFd is not used gstdsexample.cpp but is still in the DS headers.

When is NvReleaseFd used in DS 3.0?

We have re-organized the code and handle NvReleaseFd internally.

One rare change you need to call NvReleaseFd is to run ‘omxh264dec ! dsexample’.

I know this is not supported, but on the Nano using DS 3.0

This pipeline: uridecodebin … ! myplugin ! …
works fine with NvReleaseFd in myplugin

While this pipeline v4l2src ! nvvidconv ! myplugin
fails NvReleaseFd in myplugin

Please try to call

gst_memory_is_type (mem, "nvfilter");

If it is from nvvidconv, you don’t need to call NvReleaseFd.