NvRmMemInit failed error when launching systemd service

I have an application that uses gstreamer to display some video feeds. It runs fine when launched manually. However, when I try to launch as a systemd service at startup I get an error. In the journalctl output for the service I can see the error: NvRmMemInit failed. Systemd automatically retries to launch the service. The error happens once or twice and then the application eventually runs (though sometimes with no output on the screen).

I have come across this error previously when trying to run the application without being part of the video group. In my .service file I was sure to specify a user that is part of the video group.

Could this be an ordering problem? Perhaps I need to wait for some other video-related driver or service to load before I can launch my application?

Manually launching the service with systemctl start works fine (no NvRmMemInit failed error).

We have seen several working methods and these are listed in Jetson Nano FAQ
Please take a look at

Q: How to autorun an app or commands at startup?

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Setting After=multi-user.target in the service file resolved the issue. I was originally starting after another service which was bringing up an interface, but it must have been too early for my application.

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