NvROS for Drive AGX and DRIVE Software 9.0




documents use of ROS and NvROS for DRIVE platforms. As far as I see, this is for DRIVE OS Version However, DRIVE Software 9.0 uses OS Version, as far as I can tell. There is no /home/nvidia/nvros folder on our platform. Does this mean NvROS cannot be used with Software 9.0?

Is there any way to install NvROS separately? Any plans to support NvROS in future releases for DRIVE AGX Pegasus platform?


Dear cshro,
NvROS is available in Drive OS 5.1.6. So future DriveSW release will support it.

Thanks for the response.

Is there any time horizon for the next Drive SW release?

Please wait for our announcement, or can contact with our region NVIDIA representative to get the status.


Are you sure about that? I cannot find it.

Could someone please shed some light on the availability of NvROS? Was it dropped from the 5.1.6 release? If not, how can we access it?

Seems to have been dropped…probably because of upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 and no compatibility with ROS-kinetic.

Really wondering why NvROS in DRIVE SW10 was promised then in the first place…we would really would have needed that, now we have to start from scratch and implement our own nodes for reading cameras etc.

Just hoping that for future DRIVE SW released Nvidia upgrades NvROS to melodic and releases it to us.