NVS 5400M Cuda 9.2?


I have a thinkpad T530 laptop with NVS 5400M. I am using Ubuntu 20.04. I am new to this, so sorry if I have a wrong understanding. But am I able to install CUDA 9.2 toolkit? The repo I am looking to install require CUDA 9.2+. According to installation instruction/documentation, CUDA is supported on my GPU, but it’s not clarified what level of CUDA toolkit is supported?

I would highly appreciate if someone can help clarify this. I tried to install 9.2 toolkit, but ended up getting the error. I can try again and provide the exact error detail if that helps!

I believe I currently have a proprietary and tested R390 driver installed on Ubuntu.
Thanks a lot!

nvs 5400m is fermi device. The last CUDA version that supported those devices is CUDA 8.0. You won’t be able to use CUDA 9.2 with it.

Thanks a lot, Robert!!!

so does that mean all fermi devices are not 9.2 compatible? How about GT 730. thanks

correct. The last CUDA version that works with a fermi devcie (any fermi GPU) is CUDA 8.0

Some NVIDIA GPUs (by brand name) may come in different variants. The GT 730 is one of those:

A Kepler GT 730 is still usable with CUDA versions up through 10.2, at least.

A Fermi GT 730 is only useable with CUDA 8.0 or prior.

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Is there any resource to look up which card supports which cuda version? Thanks!

Note that as manually maintained lists both usually offer only 99% coverage at any given time.