NVSci For AGX xavier

I came across NvStreams when I was reading about IPC and sharing resources. Under the comparison section (between EGL and NvStreams) it implies that EGLStreams are less suited for cross process applications compared to NvStreams.

To Understand NvStreams I think It will be great to have access to the examples mentioned in the text (" For comparison, NVIDIA’s SDK provides a pair of simple applications that perform the same task, one using EGL and one using NvSCI.").

Can you please provide a link to download these without having to go through the process of getting the Drive OS. Because it seems the .so files are already in the Xavier but not the examples or the API reference.

(NvSCI - Nvidia Software Communication Interfaces)

Hi ganindu1,

The NvSCI is for Drive AGX platform, it can’t be supported in Jetson AGX Xavier platform.
They’re not compatible.

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