NvSci support/documentation on Orin AGX

In the release notes for the Jetpack 5.0 Developer Preview, “Support for NvSci” is listed.
In this thread, NvSci is recommended for use in CUDA inter-process communication.
However, the only documentation I can find for NvSCI, in the CUDA programming guide, is limited in scope and recommends the Drive OS documentation for more details.

My question is: are the release notes accurate with respect to NvSci support, and is the Drive OS documentation the correct source for NvSci documentation? My target platform is an Orin AGX development kit. In particular I would like to understand the differences between EGL and NvSci streams, and the implications of using one over the other.


Please find the NvSCI in the below page:



  • Support for NVSCI: Provides utilities for streaming data packets between different applications and for inter process communication (IPC)


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