NVSDK_NGX_CUDA_Init crashes when linked to CUDA 11.0


I am working on an NGX application that uses CUDA. I was encountering some weird issues when calling NVSDK_NGX_CUDA_Init. In particular it will fail with “Unsupported CUDA Version” when linking against CUDA 10.2, and it will crash with a stack instrumentation failure when linking against CUDA 11.0. Is this a known issue with NGX? Linking against the libraries that are included with the NGX samples appear to work fine, but this isn’t ideal.

Also it would appear that NGX 1.1 is versioned internally as NGX 1.2.13, I’m not sure which version is correct?

It seems that only works with CUDA 10.0 the dll is provided here <ROOT_SDK>\Samples\Extern\cuda\bin