Nvstreamdemux has no numsrcpad

**• Hardware Platform GPU
**• DeepStream Version 5.1
I want to create deepstream gstreamer pipeline to read mutilple video stream and save it separately.

My pipeline is described as below

Why do i got no numsrcpad of the nvstreamdemux?

I also tried to link src_pad from Nvstreamdemux to next module, but i got nothing

    queue1_pad =streamdemux.get_request_pad('src_0')
    if not queue1_pad or not queue2_pad:
        sys.stderr.write("Unable to get request pads\n")

You can use “streamdemux.get_static_pad(‘src_0’)”

Hi @Fiona.Chen . Thank for your reply.
i tried to use " “streamdemux.get_static_pad(‘src_0’)”"

But the results is the same. I still got no numsrcpad from Nvstreamdemux. So “queue1_pad” is None.

Screenshot from 2021-08-23 21-47-18

My current pipeline is below: