NVTAGS mpirun could not execute an executable

Hello dear developers,
I am trying to use NVTAGS 1.0.0 with a RTX 3090 on an HPC system which I don’t have the permissions for the directory /opt. But I can provide all the prerequisites to use NVTAGS.
So I added these two lines to my job submission script

export PATH=/MY/PATH/TO/nvtags/bin:${PATH}
export NVTAGS_DEF_LIB_DIR=/MY/PATH/TO/nvtags/libs

And I checked manually if the directory added to $PATH properly.
When I run NVTAGS with

nvtags tune --runner-bin 'mpirun' --app-run-cmd '<application run cmd>' --num-procs 4

I am getting an error like

mpirun was unable to launch the specified application as it could not access
or execute an executable:

Executable: /opt/nvtags/bin/_nvtags_get_sys_prof

I think NVTAGS still looking for the directory /opt for executable files.
Do I need to point any other directories or add any tags to my script file?

Thanks in advance.
Sorry if the sub is wrong for this topic.