Nvtracker Plain Text Config File

• DeepStream Version 6.4

typedef struct _NvMOTConfig
    /** Holds the compute target. @see NvMOTCompute. */
    NvMOTCompute computeConfig;
    /** Holds the maximum number of streams in a batch. */
    uint32_t maxStreams;
    /** Holds the max number of surface buffer addresses from buffer pool. */
    uint32_t maxBufSurfAddrSize;
    /** Holds the number of \ref NvMOTPerTransformBatchConfig entries in
     @a perTransformBatchConfig. */
    uint8_t numTransforms;
    /** Holds a pointer to a list of @a numTransform batch configurations,
     one per transform, including type and resolution. */
    NvMOTPerTransformBatchConfig *perTransformBatchConfig;
    /** Holds miscellaneous configurations. */
    NvMOTMiscConfig miscConfig;
    /** Holds the length of @a customConfigFilePath. */
    uint16_t customConfigFilePathSize;
    /** A pointer to the pathname of the tracker's custom configuration file.
     A null-terminated string. */
    char* customConfigFilePath;
} NvMOTConfig;```

The "libnvds_nvmultiobjecttracker.so" file is closed source so we cannot intervene.
Can you add "customConfigFilePlainTextContent" as an alternative to "customConfigFilePath"?

Here is the guide of nvtracker: https://docs.nvidia.com/metropolis/deepstream/dev-guide/text/DS_plugin_gst-nvtracker.html
Can you share more details of the issue or requirement for nvtracker?