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Hi! I use nvtracker in my app. I have two questions.

  1. How can I configure IOU tracker
  2. when I use DCF tracker and save tracker results on every frame, I get different number of images for each tracker_id

See inline.

Hi, @amycao!
Thanks for answer!
My pipeline is uridecodebin -> nvstreammux -> nvinfer -> nvtracker -> nvvideoconvert -> nvdsosd -> queue -> gst-dsexample -> fakesink.
I save all detected objects in every frame in gst-dsexample with tracker_id and source_num. If I run the same video from nvidia samples/streams into pipeline as 2 sources, I get different number of images for every source.

Using same stream as two sources?


depending on the frame arrival timings to the tracker plugin, the composition of frame batches could either be full batch (that contains a frame from all streams) or partial batch (that contains a frame from only a subset of the streams).