I am currently experimenting with DeepStream SDK 1.5 on Jetson TX2. I managed to get a working pipeline with a custom plugin that performs object detection and attaches IvaMeta data to video buffers. It works well in combination with nvosd but I would like to know which newly detected objects match earlier detections, i.e. track them.

Can someone however provide some more information on the tracker plugin that is in the DeepStream SDK. This one seems to be doing exactly what I need (feature extraction, optical flow, and data association) but I’m not sure how to use it.

So can you explain what it does internally and how to assess that it is working properly? i.e. can I get some info in console output or can tracking id’s be easily drawn using nvosd?

Same question here, I cannot find any documents about the tracker. Some overview and sample would be really appreciated.

Hi Beerend,
We don’t expose this feature(feature extraction, optical flow, and data association), we only expose an object ID in meta data.

For feature extraction, optical flow, on xavier, we have a PVA for it.

wayne zhu