NVTT Compression Quality at Load Time

This is a very generic question that is very unlikely to be specific to NVTT, but I’m having trouble finding an answer to it anywhere.

Does the compression quality of compressed DXT-type textures have any influence on load times at runtime? For example, if I use the highest / slowest compression method, will that have any effect on how quickly my images load into D3D surfaces? I’m assuming it would not, since the runtime textures are also compressed. But I’m a little unclear on exactly what the quality modes do exactly. Are they strictly related to compression?

As a side note, I would recommend mentioning something about this in the comments of NVTT, the tool tips of the Photoshop plugin, or the read-me documents. Nothing mentions runtime loading consequences of changing the compression quality. I’m hoping because it has no effect on them! :)


Hi @xmoatz,

I personally have zero experience in this field, but I reached out to the PICs behind the texture tools to see if they can shed some light.


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Hi @xmoatz ,
Your understanding is correct. The compression qualities of nvtt3 for all texture types relates only to the compression speed and image quality. They don’t have any effect on the load time to VRAM or D3D surface, nor the texel’s decompression performance in the GPU.

I will tell it to Photoshop plugin team.



Thank you for the feedback and information. Really appreciated!

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