NVTX Library: Getting it from the CUDA Toolkit windows download source

I am using 7za — A file archiver to extract the local installer from https://developer.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/9.2/Prod2/local_installers/cuda_9.2.148_win10 to my machine.

When inspecting the extracted files, I realized that I am missing NvToolsExt. The documentation on NVToolsExt (https://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/content/developertools/desktop/nsight/nvtx_library.htm) states:

[b]The NVTX API is installed by the NVIDIA Nsight “host” installer (by default) into the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\nvToolsExt

I was wondering whether it is possible to work out a way of getting it from the download source?