nvv4l2decoder - Timeout when stopping pipeline

Hey all,

I have a pipleine that runs just fine with “omxh264dec”. Recently I tried switching to nvv4l2decoder, but now, when I call:

gst_element_set_state(pipeline, GST_STATE_NULL)

The function never returns. I’m using the latest (32.2). I saw a message in the Nano forum that suggested this seems to have been a bug in 32.1, but it appears to still be a problem with 32.2 on Xavier?

Any ideas for things to try?


I would try the binary solib from last Nano image, since other user reported improvement.
I have no R32 for checking, but it may be something like:


This may not work, but should be harmless to try if you make a copy of current lib before in order to be able to restore.

Thanks for the comment. I would have thought that if it’s included in R32.2 for nano it would be the same was what is in R32.2 for Xavier, but maybe that’s a bad assumption…

Do you by any chance know how to extract the files from the nano sd-blob-b01.img?

Thanks much.

Not sure, I’ve only flashed one Nano and played with it less than 24 hours…

I think this is a disk image having several partitions, so I’m unsure how to loopback mount rootfs partition.
The only easy way I see is to use a physical disk (say a 32GB or more SDcard) and then mount rootfs (not sure, but I suppose partition 1, fstype ext4).
Someone else may know a better method and tell.

I have not tried, but you probably could cover the file with loopback (what @Honey_Patouceul said), and then at least run gdisk on it to see partition information, or “lsblk -f” for some other information. Unless the image is a single ext4 partition there isn’t much chance of anything giving you useful information. Loopback could indeed treat the image as a disk, and then applications providing information about partitions and filesystems could tell you more.

Thanks for all the feedback. I’m going to close this thread for now as, magically, I can’t seem to repro anymore on R32.2 (still can on previous release). I’ll post more info if I get a consistent repro.