Nvv4l2h264enc Encoder Pausing

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• 6.3
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HI so I implemented an event record pipeline based on the valve + encoder + filesink. The encoder I am using is the nvv4l2h264enc encoder. But it has the following issues.
When ever the valve opens and the state of the encoder is set to playing it takes a long time for it to startup. We miss events this way.

In deepstream 6.0 this encoder was at some point after a few events not starting up and the app paused.

How can I fix this please help

I meant Jetpack 5 in the post

Hi @user18243

The NVIDIA hardware encoders take a significant time to start up; there is no workaround for that. To perfectly capture the event, my suggestion is to have the encoder always running and use gst-interpipes to split the recording and encoding pipeline. This way, you can only play and stop the recording pipeline when you need to record an event, and the encoder will always be running.

DeepStream has an out-of-the-box solution for event recording: Smart Video Record.

We also have our own element for recording that can be configured to record any amount of time before the event and after the event, but it is not open source: gst-prerecord.

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As officially recommended, smart-record is also the best choice.
If you encounter any problems with SmartRecord, maybe I can give you some advice.

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