nvvidconv license


does anybody know how is the “nvvidconv” Gstreamer plugin licensed?
gst-inspect says “License: Proprietary”, but I can not find a license terms.
Can we use it for a commercial product or not?

Thank you for any clue.


Hi Ondra,

“nvvidconv” Gstreamer-0.10 plugin is licensed under nvidia “Proprietary” terms.
plugin library “libgstnvvidconv.so” is provided as part of “Linux for Tegra” BSP with L4T public releases.(The latest L4T release R19 is now available @ https://developer.nvidia.com/linux-tegra-rel-19).

“nvvidconv” plugin source is not publicly available.
Are you intend to distribute nvvidconv plugin library only or require access to plugin source code-base?

For debugging purposes, we would like to access the source code here, as soon as possible.
How does that happen?