NVVM in cuda-repo-l4t-8-0-local_8.0.34-1_arm64.deb


I’m trying to build a customize Linux for Jetson TX1 using yocto (https://github.com/madisongh/meta-tegra). Everything works fine until I install the cuda-toolkit using the last release cuda-repo-l4t-8-0-local_8.0.34-1_arm64.deb. Specifically, the problem is that nvcc cannot find nvvm (cicc) when I try to compile inside the board. After reviewing inside the .deb file, which I uncompressed using ar vx in bash shell, I figured out reading the uncompressed version of Packages.gz file that nvvm does not appear. In other releases of the cuda toolkit, such 7.5 for Ubuntu one, in the uncompressed version of Packages.gz, you can see clearly that nvvm is included in the cuda-core-.deb package. I know that you don’t support Yocto, but can you please tell me in which part of the cuda toolkit nvvm is installed and where can I find it?

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I solved my problem. The nvvm folder is in the cuda-core-.deb . The .bb file which install cuda-toolkit was not copying this folder during installation procedure. So, I added this manually to my distribution.