NVVP appears to hang

Hi, I am running my app on nvvp (for the first time) for profiling. It seems to hang with the message “Running application to generate timeline”. I am using CUDA8.0 on GTX1070m with intel quad core i7. The app is a main loop that acquires video frames, does some analysis (using Deep NNs) and displays the frames. I made the main loop run a finite number of times but was not able to get nvvp to show anything useful. Am I doing something wrong?

When you look at the process that is being profiled, is it still running or does it show as suspended? While a profiled app is running, nvvp may not display any messages, but it should display something when the app terminates. It may also write data to files while running.

What happens if you insert a call to cudaProfilerStart() at the beginning of every frame, and a call to cudaProfilerStop() at the end of every frame? Do you have a call to cudaDeviceReset() at the end of the application?

I think it would make sense to do some practice runs with a trivial application and explore that with nvvp while making frequent reference to the nvvp documentation, until you have gotten the hang of this tool.