nvvp not shows chart information


With cuda-7.5, when I run “nvvp” in a Scientific Linux, nvvp not show chart information in following menu:
after open a binary file, then, in “CUDA Application Analysis” I choose “Examine GPU Usage”. Then, I click on “Examine Individual Kernels”. Then, in the middle of the screen, I can see “Kernel Optimization Priorities” and a kernel. I click over that. After click, on the left menu “Perfom Kernel Analysis” turns enable, so I click over that. Then, I can see “Kernel Performance is Bound By Instruction And Memory Latency” screen and two graphs, but I can’t see chart information (vertical and horizontal), only the chart.
This test is done with clock sample in 0_Simple samples folder. In the same system, running cuda-7.0 and cuda-6.5, chart is shown perfect… but in 7.5 I can’t see the information.

Could someone help me?