Nvvp usage: can zoom in and out but can not pan ar zoom in/out at specific location

Hi all, I am using nvvp from linux to see the traces and timelines of kernel/stream execution timelines. It works great and I am using for most basic of all: start nvvp, point to cuda binary and display traces.
I can zoom in/out from center of the trace. However there appears to be nowhere in the UI interface pan to move around. I am desperately need to zoom in at specific point in timeline to investigate further but just can not seem to do that. I can not believe well mature tool like nvvp does not offer that capability. I will try picture of the UI interface.

Please refer Profiler User's Guide.

The nvvp UI has a scroll bar at the bottom of the timeline view to pan. This scroll bar is only displayed when you zoom in and the full view does not fit in the timeline window.

Can you not see the scroll bar?

Please provide a screen shot and more details such as Linux version and nvvp version you are using.

Also note that Visual Profiler (nvvp) is being deprecated and it is recommended that you use NVIDIA Nsight Systems for GPU and CPU sampling and tracing and NVIDIA Nsight Compute for GPU kernel profiling.