NVWMI 2.31 Standalone Installer

Hello Nvidia Dev Team,

I use the standalone NVWMI as part of a deployment process involving HP laptops and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. I can run a custom version of the Manage3DProfiles.ps1 and change my global profile during the deployment process. I’ve discovered the latest standalone installer 2.29 does not support my current Quadro P4200/5200 GPUs. Could some please make the 2.31 installer available? I cannot find a reliable way to install the full Nvidia driver in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit without causing additional reboots and issues. My current process works fine for the P4000/P5000, I just need it to work with the P4200/P5200. On another machine running 2.31 the Manage3dProfiles.ps1 works correctly. So I think if I had the 2.31 as a standalone installer this would work.

Any assistance is MUCH appreciated.