NVWMI Profile setValueById Method Successful but returns False

I’m trying to script setting the Power Management setting in the Base Profile and the script works on my own computer every time I run it. But, when I take the script over to a different computer the Power Management setting won’t take the value.

Boiling the script down to the essential command I have the following with the result.

wmic /namespace:nv Path Profile where ID=1975410716 Call setValueById settingId=274197361 value=1

Executing (\computername\root\cimv2\nv:Profile.id=1975410716)->setValueById()
Method execution successful.
Out Parameters:
instance of __PARAMETERS
ReturnValue = FALSE;

When doing the same on my own computer the ReturnValue is True because it succeeds. So, why does it work on one computer but not another? Both are nVidia Quadro GPUs both have the NVWMI components installed. I’ll put the full real script below.

Set Environment Variables

$value = 1 # Valid options: 0=Adaptive, 1-Prefer Maximum, 2=nVidia Controlled, 3=Prefer Consistent
$namespace = “root\CIMV2\NV” # Namespace of NVIDIA WMI provider
$Profile3DGlobalName = “Base Profile” # name of Profile to be queried
$settingName = “Power management mode” #name of setting in above profile to be set
$settingTableID = 0 # ID# of 3D profile setting name table
$method = “setValueById”
if($computer -eq $null) # if not set globally
$computer = “localhost” # substitute with remote machine names or IP of the machine

Set Base Profile as active profile

$profileManager = Get-WmiObject -class “ProfileManager” -computername $computer -namespace $namespace
if($profileManager -eq $Null)
“nVidia Profile Manager unavailable”
$result = Invoke-WmiMethod -Path $profileManager.__PATH -Name setCurrentProfile3D -ArgumentList $Profile3DGlobalName, $null
“Unable to set current 3D Profile to $Profile3DGlobalName”

Retrieve profile object for $Profile3DGlobalName

$Profile3DGlobalObj = Get-WmiObject -class “Profile” -computername $computer -namespace $namespace | Where-Object { $_.name -eq $Profile3DGlobalName }
if($Profile3DGlobalObj -eq $Null)
“No Profile named $Profile3DGlobalName found.”

retrieve Setting table corresponding to 3D Profiles

$3DSettingTable = Get-WmiObject -class “SettingTable” -computername $computer -namespace $namespace | Where-Object {$_.type -eq $settingTableID}
if($3DSettingTable -eq $null)
“WARNING : cannot retrieve a SettingTable instance for 3D profile settings”
$settingID = $3DSettingTable.InvokeMethod(“getIdFromName”, $settingName)

Apply the Setting

$result = Invoke-WmiMethod -Path $Profile3DGlobalObj.__PATH -Name $method -ArgumentList $settingID,$value
Write-Host “$Profile3DGlobalObj.__PATH.$method(settingId = $settingID, value = $value) returns $($result.ReturnValue)”
“Setting $settingName to Prefer Maximum succeeded.”
“Setting $settingName to Prefer Maximum failed.”

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