NVWMI Windows Event logs - 13 logs/second of Informational "NV GPUs detected" message spamming Event Viewer

My Windows Event Viewer Application logs are getting absolutely destroyed by NVWMI spamming the hell out of everything. I get 13 log lines per in one second, repeated every 30 seconds or so. These are Informational level messages, not warnings.

Some examples of the messages (Event ID 3]:
[tid = 0x3598, pid = 0x1C2C] - no NV GPUs
[tid = 0x3598, pid = 0x1C2C] - NV GPUs detected
No NV GPUs detected
[tid = 0x3598, pid = 0x1C2C] - ERROR: NvAPI_EnumTCCPhysicalGPUs failed, nr=-6
[tid = 0x3598, pid = 0x1C2C] - ERROR: NvAPI_EnumPhysicalGPUs failed, nr=-6
Service checkpoint incremented: 28, state=4, status: set
NOT spawning provider, eventType=WTS_SESSION_UNLOCK (0x8), session=1, prov PID=7860, found PID=1

the same stuff, over and over all day, to the point where I can’t read the Application log at all because of all the noise.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad P53 laptop with a Quadro T2000 GPU and the latest NVidia driver. Can you please tell me what to do to stop this spam?

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