I want to conbine nvyolo with nvtracker ,
just like nvinfer + nvtracker,
but there seems to have two problems,
1.the nvyolo plugin does not have the iterative property to behavior like nvifer which could select how many frames to perform a detection .

  1. the nvtracker only accept NV12 frames in buffer,but nvyolo work with RGBA data

I think it would be easier if we could get the nvtracker more details

for the first problem,
we can add an interval property,

for the second problem,
the DS3.0 have support RGBA data input for nvtracker plugin.

:) DS3.0 is a nice work.


did you see any result when combine yolo with nvtracker?

when I use these two modules in deepstream-app, it did detect some objects but not tracking at all.

any help would be appreciate.


now for Deepstream 3.0,

we can use nvinfer + nvtracker ,

and generate the graph of yolov3 for nvinfer,

and some helpful imformation can be found here,


and any question welcomed.

thanks a!da a lot,

Your suggestion works well for me. I now can tracking with yolo and nvtracker.