NX: camera is giving CHANSEL_NOMATCH error

HI Team,
we are using Xavier NX with kernel 4.9 and R32.4.3 release.
In it we added device tree entry and camera(ar0821) camera sensor driver. And we also able to get video node(video0).
But when we are running v4l2-ctl command :

v4l2-ctl --set-fmt-video=width=3840,height=2160,pixelformat=RAW12 --set-ctrl bypass_mode=0 --stream-mmap --stream-count=1 --stream-to=ar0821.raw -d /dev/video0

we are getting following log :
tegra194-vi5 15c10000.vi: corr_err: discarding frame 0, flags: 160, err_data 1188

and when we checked debug/tracing logs then it show :

 kworker/0:3-1687  [000] ....   156.115694: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:5202577339 tag:CHANSEL_NOMATCH channel:0x90 frame:33152 vi_tstamp:5202394476 data:0x04000409
 kworker/0:3-1687  [000] ....   156.339987: rtcpu_vinotify_error: tstamp:5209827178 tag:CHANSEL_NOMATCH channel:0x10 frame:16513 vi_tstamp:5208866234 data:0x00000509
 kworker/0:3-1687  [000] ....   156.340010: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:5209828502 tag:CHANSEL_SHORT_FRAME channel:0x10 frame:20 vi_tstamp:5208863542 data:0x01000000
 kworker/0:3-1687  [000] ....   156.340036: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:5209829241 tag:CHANSEL_NOMATCH channel:0x10 frame:16513 vi_tstamp:5208866234 data:0x00000509
 kworker/0:3-1687  [000] ....   156.340106: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:5210037247 tag:CHANSEL_FAULT_FE channel:0x10 frame:16513 vi_tstamp:5209894743 data:0x00000000

Full logs are attached.
trace_logs_cam (16.7 MB)
trace_logs_cam_dmesg (3.4 KB)


The short frame should be the problem. It tell the sensor output didn’t as expected. You may need to adjust the active_h in the device tree to debug it.


Now we are getting :

[ 591.413106] tegra194-vi5 15c10000.vi: no reply from camera processor
[ 591.413286] tegra194-vi5 15c10000.vi: uncorr_err: request timed out after 2500 ms
[ 591.413424] vb2-core: vb2_buffer_done: done processing on buffer 0, state: 7
[ 591.413433] tegra194-vi5 15c10000.vi: err_rec: attempting to reset the capture channel

That’s tell capture failed and timeout still need to check the trace log to get more information.

ok thanks.

Can you let us know why CHANSEL_NOMATCH traces comes ?

CHANSEL_NOMATCH tell the channel is not enabled to capture the input stream (or it’s turned on later than the new FS arrives)

Getting this kind of error in traces :

kworker/0:1-779   [000] ....    88.281564: rtcpu_nvcsi_intr: tstamp:3083583212 class:GLOBAL type:PHY_INTR0 phy:2 cil:0 st:0 vc:0 status:0x10000026
 kworker/0:1-779   [000] ....    88.281564: rtcpu_nvcsi_intr: tstamp:3083583212 class:GLOBAL type:PHY_INTR0 phy:2 cil:1 st:0 vc:0 status:0x00000044
 kworker/0:1-779   [000] ....    88.281564: rtcpu_nvcsi_intr: tstamp:3083583212 class:CORRECTABLE_ERR type:PHY_INTR phy:2 cil:0 st:0 vc:0 status:0x00000002
 kworker/0:1-779   [000] ....    88.281565: rtcpu_vinotify_error: tstamp:3083584823 tag:CSIMUX_FRAME channel:0x02 frame:59392 vi_tstamp:3082678796 data:0x04a00264
 kworker/0:1-779   [000] ....    88.281566: rtcpu_vinotify_error: tstamp:3083585233 tag:CSIMUX_STREAM channel:0x00 frame:4608 vi_tstamp:3082811320 data:0x00010000
 kworker/0:1-779   [000] ....    88.281566: rtcpu_vinotify_error: tstamp:3083585682 tag:CSIMUX_FRAME channel:0x02 frame:31744 vi_tstamp:3083261805 data:0x040000a4
 kworker/0:1-779   [000] ....    88.281567: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:3083585962 tag:FS channel:0x03 frame:65280 vi_tstamp:3082414197 data:0x00000014
 kworker/0:1-779   [000] ....    88.281568: rtcpu_vinotify_event: tstamp:3083586102 tag:CHANSEL_NOMATCH channel:0xd0 frame:65280 vi_tstamp:3082416423 data:0x00000429