NX dev kit carrier board compatible with other SOMs


I ask this here because I cannot find the answer here nor at elinux.org.
Is Xavier NX dev kit carrier compatible with:

  • Nano dev kit SOM A02?
  • Nano dev kit SOM B01?
  • Nano production SOM?
  • Xavier NX production SOM?

thanks in adavance

It is compatible to B01 nano module. At present,no production module for NX and nano.

thanks @Trumany for the answer.
Is there a technical limitation of the carrier board to not be compatible with production modules?
We are planning to create our own carrier board compatible with Nano and NX (both for production modules and dev modules for internal tests) and we’d like to understand these kind of limitations.

Sorry for misunderstanding your question. There is no industrial module for NX and nano, the carrier board is compatible to B01 nano module (aka production module).

Sorry too, I misunderstood your reply.
I see that devkit (1st generation is A02) and second generation is B01. Production one is also called B01.
Just to be sure I have understood you, can you confirm me the following questions, please:
Is Xavier NX devkit carrier board compatible with
-Nano A02-dev SOM
-Nano B01-dev SOM
-Nano B01-prod SOM
-Xavier NX production SOM


It is compatible to all but A02 module.

But be careful to some interface difference as said in doc: https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-xavier-nx-and-jetson-nano-interface-comparison-migration-application-note-v10

Thanks a lot for the information, this is the information we needed, the PDF is very useful.