NX DOes not boot completly

  1. I do not think it is related. Somewhere on the forum I saw someone had a problem with different versions after a SDK manager updated something.
  2. We have a custom carrier board that has an SD card slot.
  3. I can not say that for sure, as I uncommented that line and still had the problem.
  4. PPS debug causes 2 msg per second to dmesg, thus making it kind of usless to see what happened, fills up dmesg queue.


Ahh… I think you need to align your comments and your tests…

For example, in early comment, you said “NX production module with devkit carrier “, but now you say you are using custom board. Please just use devkit board to test first… Do not put more variables to the test and make things complicated.

You can try to make more tests and locate what is the exact one that causes problem. I will check if removing CONFIG_PPS_DEBUG is causing the problem. However, if it doesn’t, then you need to check it on your side first… Make sure it is a clean setup each time.

  1. I am using a NX Production Module with Devkit carrier for development and to flash NX modules

  2. You asked why we needed the SDMMC3, I responded because we had a custom carrier board that had a SD slot. The kernel I am building is destined for that custom carrier but it is not being used for these tests.

  3. I just roled back to a old VM and did a build with PPS_Debug commented out. This worked. I now will try to add other changes in.

I mean you should just put necessary change if you are on devkit.

For example, devkit does not have extra sdcard slot, then you shouldn’t put a kernel or dtb files with sdmmc3 enabled, this may cause extra effort if something goes wrong.

The most common issues here is that users tend to put too much unrelated changes altogether. Thus, prevent such things may save the time in debug.

I back tracked to a previous version of my VM and added all changes to the .config and DTB that I previously had made and the new build works.

Unless you have some insight as to why the other builds stops during initial configuration I am not going to persue this problem.

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