NX Emulator with e-conn Systems Cameras

I have followed e-conn systems guide on how to apply their dtb to the kernal and have gotten their cameras working on the AGX.

I then followed the steps here: https://developer.download.nvidia.com/assets/embedded/secure/jetson/Xavier%20NX/nv_jetson_agx_xavier_as_jetson_xavier_nx.pdf?Pai8HNikGhVPUsuYiJ2yQ4acYgcseCJj7NoFB99llNuPRr0OoE1gmxs0KLxokyCdT8_AsNcWgSkjSn4Ug08DICdSMzi_iqrtUOwjjG8UHRs_RxiHL8BlRl27x-rxHKRR1q2Nj23eu4XFJEooT3VWWT5OqUmgSwN3PQk2MHCixzG4q40tS8XyKVgyL5odnbG0tb8uB0c

and then reflashed my AGX. Now the e-conn cameras do not work.

I did a little digging and see that the ./flash command uses a different board name, which in turn makes the DTB_FILE variable change between the e-conn systems one and the NX Emulation one.

What are the proper steps to take here? E-conn systems docs have a step by step process for building from source, however I do not see the same for the NX emulation changes, and am unsure how I can combine the NX emulation with the e-conn systems setup.

Please advise, TIA.

  • Ian

did you try getting in touch with E-con support?
Probably they will introduce NX support in the nearest future.