NX image setup

I am working with the NX module and using jetpack 4.6. I have created and flashed an image. The question I have is related to the setup procedure that sets time zone, user name, ethernet etc. that occurs after the image is flashed.

From what I read in the documentation, this setup will occur on the terminal if there is an HDMI cable attached or on a /dev/ttyxxx device if there is no HDMI plugged in.

What I would like to know is, where in the code is the decision made to perform the final setup on a terminal or tty device? We have a custom board that doesn’t have HDMI and it appears that the “code” believes there is a HDMI cable attached and we don’t see the final setup procedure.



When you use the board, especially for custom board, you need to modify the device tree to match your board before doing the flash.

The default device tree is for the devkit. For example, there would be x1 HDMI and x1 DP on the devkit. If you don’t have them, you need to disable the device tree so that the kernel will not bring the display driver up.

Thanks. I will look into the device tree. Is there a portion of code that you can identify where this decision is made?

Thanks for your feedback.


There is “nvdisplay@xxxx” in the device tree. If you don’t have any monitor on your design, then it could be disabled.

BTW, the configuration in “ttyACM0” required the usb0 to be in device mode. If your hardware design does not have it, then it will not show up either.

Thanks for your responses. Appreciate this. I will look into your suggestions.


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