NX+IMX415 multiple exposure HDR function just get half frames

Please provide the following info:
Hardware Platform: NX
Software Version: 32.4.3
Host Machine Version: Ubuntu 18.04

We use the sony imx415 camera, it has multiple exposure HDR function,
We successfully set up imx415
and it send frame follow the order of frameID0,frameID1,frameID0…
and the impi was 30fps
but we use the v4l2 or nvgstcapture to get image
and we just get the frame of frameID0, so it just 15fps
we want to get all 30 frames.

can you give some suggest.

hello feiyum,

I have couple of questions for you…

  1. could you please share more details about the HDR approach for IMX415, for example, is it DOL-WDR or PWL_WDR?
  2. may I know had you validate the SDR (standard dynamic range) sensor modes to confirm the frame-rates?

Hi Jerry
I am sorry I don’t know your question very clearly.
Now, the problems we need to solve at present have little to do with HDR.

At present, we can get complete data from two virtual channels, but we want to merge the data of the two virtual channels into the same video, because they are actually received from the same mipi.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to receive data from two virtual channels in one video

Thank you

hello feiyum,

am I understand correctly that you’re having post-processing by yourself to merge two exposure frames?
had you confirm the frame-rates of these two streams?

Yes, you are rigth.
I measured 30 frames of data using oscilloscope,
and got 15 frames of data with different exposure from two virtual channels.
Now we need to obtain from the same video,
and then reprocess HDR in the driver or application layer according to frame ID

hello feiyum,

what’s the exposure values of this two different streams?

Hello Jerry,
it is the one stream,

 frame ID 0 be set to max (VMAX-4),
 frame ID 1 be set to min (8)

it just for test