NX Junction temperature and i2c bus

we want know the CPU Tj, only found NX the SOC shut down temperature its not the Tj? do we have the simulation model for thermal design?
and if multiple solvers are attached to an I2C bus at the same time, and two I2C devices are attached to each solver, for such an I2C topology, how to do address rearrangement for serializer and image sensor under each solver?

Tcpu is Tj. No such model as the thermal design guide has covered that.

Regarding your I2C question, not sure what the real question is. I2C device has its own address which should be different to others on same I2C line.

Hi Trumany:
Thank for you reply
Its this mean our CPU Tj=97°, what the 105° stand for?
have many device under one I2C bus,such as solvers ,serializer ,image sensor … as a topology, in this case we want rearrangement the address,

105C should not be reached as you can read in the thermal guide.

You can check the schematic to get how many devices on same I2C bus or use I2C detect command to that.