NX nvarguscamerasrc capture latency

We are using a gstreamer pipeline with nvarguscamerasrc in an application where glass-to-glass latency is critical. In reading similar topics on these board - https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/nvcamerasrc-queue-size-property-limitation/53224/9 - we see that nvidia has provided custom binaries with a reduced ISP queue size for latency reductions - is it possible to expose this parameter in the nvarguscamerasrc? As it stand we are able to achieve better out of the box glass-to-glass latency with a USB3 camera utilizing v4l2src. Is our only option to run using direct v4l2 IOCTL tools?


If your USB camera can provide UYVY format, you may try using plugin nvv4l2camerasrc.
If your camera can do more formats than UYVY, first try to set it using UYVY format before trying nvv4l2camerasrc

Unfortunately we are working with bayer sensors at the moment, but are considering a shift to a camera with an integrated ISP if this cannot be done with the current Jetson ISP. Appreciate the response though.

Not sure this will be the solution for your case… but you would have some control on ISP settings from you own and get a NVMM path forward.

The patch is not eligible for Argus stack. In Argus stack, the delay is around 100ms(3-4 frames). If you need less delay, may need to consider other solutions.

Thanks Dane, will do.