NX USB storage device cann't be accessed after PC eject it and plug again

I want to use NX device as USB storage. Right now NX system has supported it from files/services under /opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode. When I connect USB cable with PC(win10 system), I can see a new drive popping up and that is the NX’s USB storage. If I unplug the cable, then plug again, it still works.
But if I ejected the U drvie on win10, then I unpluged and pluged the USB cable again, the USB drive can’t be accessed(I can see the USB drive, but can’t open it and access it).

Anyone know the reason for this issue?

Does anyone know this issue?

I don’t have answer, may other developers help to share experiences.

Are you speaking of disconnect/reconnect at the Windows side (I think so, but perhaps there is storage on the Jetson itself being disconnected/reconnected…I want to verify which)?

On the Jetson, monitor “dmesg --follow”, and then perform the first connect to the Windows box. Then do whatever it is that causes failure, and show the changes which occur in the dmesg log. Also, on the Windows side, do you use the “safe eject” or other method to correctly disconnect in software prior to pulling the actual cable?

If I just unplug the USB cable, I have no this issue. When I plug USB cable again, I can access the Usb drive.

If I do eject, then unplug USB, then plug USB again, I can’t access USB drive.

I tested more to eject on window side. It is strange that if I ejected from the file browser( right clike the U drive and click the eject), I can reproduce the issue. If I ejected from system tray( right botton system icon tray), I can’t see this issue.

I am interested in any log output to the “dmesg --follow” at the moment you “safe” eject the device on Windows. And then the output when plugging this back in. I would like to find out if there is anything the Jetson sees from this when it is not working as expected.

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