Object detection transfer learning PyTorch .xml error

Hi, This is my error when following this tutorial - pytorch-collect-detection.md

But I do have the .XML files in Annotation folder as you can see above, what’s going on?

Can you post the contents of your "ImageSets/Main/test.txt" file? It seems like there is a blank image ID in there.

If you could also share your dataset so I could debug it, that would be useful. Thanks.

Thanks a lot, seems like there was an additional “Enter” in test.txt file

Interesting, thank you. Did the training proceed once you removed it?

I will add some additional checks to the train_ssd.py scripts to avoid this error and skip lines like that.

OK, I added some additional error checking for this in commit 2d32cf. If you pull the latest, it should avoid this condition from occurring in the future.

Yes, it starts working right after. Thanks a lot

Awesome, thanks a lot ❤