Object detection with custom dataset

Hi @rishivaran95, I have ROS nodes for these, you can see the ros_deep_learning package. Here is the detectnet node:

Hi @dusty_nv , thanks for the info, currently i am trying to integrate the orbbec astra camera as the input. However i cannot make it work. Do you have any suggestions, thanks.

Hi @rishivaran95, I’m not familiar with the orbbec aastra camera, is it a V4L2 device? Can you get it working with ROS independent of jetson-inference project?

Hi @dusty_nv , i do not think it is a V4L2 device, i was able to run the camera in ros without the jetson-inference project. Is there a way i could run the camera like the V4L2 devices or CSI cameras?

Are you able to use the orbec camera node in ROS with the detectnet node? If not, what problems are you having?

Hi @dusty_nv, I am unable to use the orbbec node with the detectnet node in ROS

I’m not familiar with the orbbec node, but is there a particular error you are getting?